Win Meyerson has improvised music for theater including BATS Improv, Second City, ImprovOlympic, and The Groundlings. He was the fill-in keyboardist/ and substitute music director at The Groundlings for multiple years, and played for song improv classes and performances.

    photo courtesy "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" L to R: Greg Proops, Phil LaMarr, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Win Meyerson
Whose Line is it Anyway?
Random Acts of Comedy (FOX) - music for all 65 episodes  
Tonight Show - incidental music for Jay Leno’s opening monologue including “Newscasters of the 70’s”  
Late Night - composed incidental music pieces “Salsa” and “Latin” for comedy segments  
Hollywood Hellhouse - soundtrack by Win Meyerson

“Win Meyerson … recorded a soundtrack of sounds that are tuned down many octaves below their natural level, crackling fire, backward voices, backward drum loop -- a lot of backwards.'' - Richard Rushfeld, The New York Times
Dickens Fair 2017
Music Director / Music Hall / Mad Sal’s
Silent Film Screening at the Excelsior Movie Palace 2017
“Pianist Win Meyerson … adds to the drama, suspense and fun of the moment with his skills at the ivories … improvising throughout … smartly dressed to the era, in white shirt, broad tie, dark vest and plaid pants” - Dianne Reber Hart, PRESS DEMOCRAT